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 I have moved...

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Eximius Procurator

Eximius Procurator

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I have moved... Empty
PostSubject: I have moved...   I have moved... Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2008 11:42 pm

To whom that cares,
I would first like to say that you all have made me feel right at home. I can not thank you all enough for the knowlege and help that I have picked up. You all should be proud of the alliance that you belong to. If you have not learned this yet try to, Friends are your best weapons, and I want to be all of your friends. We can work together and build a empire of friends and make while that is not the point of this game, it is a great thought for real life...I know that most of you are from different countries and maybe this will help with that. I have moved to the DBZ Warriorz...That does not mean that I will not help you if I can... If you are new Set me to peace...THERE IS NO NAP BETWEEN TDS & DBZ!! BUT THEY WILL NOT ATTACK YOU UNLESS YOU ATTACK THEM!!!! I can not stress that enough... I wish all of you the best of luck and see you on the battlefield. Remember, I am still here if you need help.

-Eximius Procurator
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I have moved...
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